How to Tell πŸ’¬ Your Partner πŸ‘« You Have an STD 🀐 ...


If you are a sexually active individual who has had a healthy number of partners, then it’s fairly likely that you have had experience of or at least a false alarm brush with sexually transmitted diseases. Thankfully, the majority of sexually transmitted infections are completely curable these days, but for those unlucky enough to contract something like herpes, the disease will remain and become a constant feature of your romantic life. Permanent conditions like this don’t have to spell the end of your sexual experience, but you do have a duty to be open with new partners about your situation. Here is how to tell your partner you have an STD.

1. Get to the Point

An STD really isn’t the kind of revelation that you can afford to be subtle and elusive about. The quicker you are honest about your situation with your partner, the quicker you can both decide how to move forward. The chances are that your partner will have had a similar scare scenario of their own before, so hopefully there will be a degree of understanding.

Be Honest


Tell them you have HPV? Over 95% of sexuality active adults have/have had one or more strains. If you have warts tell them. Otherwise it is a universal risk of being sexually active.
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