3. Keep It Upbeat 😊

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It's REALLY hard to express tone in a text, even with emojis. So when possible, keep the tone light and upbeat, so there's no confusion.

Flirt a Little 😏


Kristen McKendry
Spoiler Alert; even if you text him some big planned out text that's just supposed to sound natural, it won't. He knows why you are actually texting him. I do agree to ask a lot of questions, 'cuz you can gauge how he's feeling by him responses.
Kristen McKendry
Ok, so unless this is for girls in jr. high, my best advice is to just BE YOU! So many people try to pretend or act a certain way, etc., etc.
needed this
He's a human. He's your partner in crime. Talk to him like you would anyone else and show him how you love him through your actions.
Honesty is always the best approach- if you keep acting like you need a plan every time you talk you end up in a fake relationship and then after 8 months go by you'll find that you and he can't commu...
Hha :P
Just tell him something nasty
Does anyone have any good flirting tips?
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