How to Turn Your Summer Fling πŸ– πŸ‘«into Something More πŸ’‘ ...

The warm weather is almost over and your might be wondering how to turn your summer fling into a relationship.

Oh, the sweetness of summer romance. It is always something special and if you’re happy it was just for the summer, it becomes a happy memory. If however, you want your fling to become something more, you’re going to have to put in a little effort. As summer drifts away, you'll have to work hard to turn your fling with your summer cutie into a relationship, even if it means a long-distance relationship.

Here's how to turn your summer fling into a relationship.

1. Ensure You’re on the Same Page

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It isn’t always easy to pick up the signals, but you will not want to put effort into making your fling last past the summer if he isn’t invested in going forward. If your fling is not interested in prolonging the relationship or is not willing to give it a chance, it is best to leave it and walk away. When you're figuring out how to turn your summer fling into a relationship, it's always a good idea to consider his feelings.

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