How You Approach Love According to Your Zodiac Sign ...


How You Approach Love According to Your Zodiac Sign ...
How You Approach Love According to Your Zodiac Sign ...

One of the best things about love is that is can hit you in completely different ways with completely different people, and there are also about a million different approaches that people take! You wouldn’t think that something so common as love would inspire so many different permutations, but when you think about it, the way that you feel about one person is never the same as you feel about another! Here is how you approach love according to your zodiac sign!

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You are incredibly straightforward when it comes to love. If you get the feelings, you want them to be made public as soon as possible in order to move forward!



You don’t want to be embarrassed, so you will do a lot of background work on your partner to make sure they feel the same way before you profess your own love.



You fall quite fast based on looks, but after that you spend a lot of time trying to see whether you will be compatible with the person on an intellectual level.



You want to include the person in every aspect of your life immediately, meeting the parents, meeting the best friends, spending Christmas together, the whole nine yards.


For those born under Cancer, the nurturing and protective qualities are at the core of your love approach. With your big-hearted nature, you're eager to envelop your love interest in a cocoon of warmth and care. It's not just about sharing experiences, but about creating a homey bond that screams permanence from the get-go. You're dreaming of the white picket fence, the two kids, and a pet before the relationship has even fully bloomed. Your unwavering commitment can be incredibly endearing, but it's essential to pace yourself to avoid overwhelming your partner with your tidal wave of affection.



You can’t help but be dramatic, so your initial feelings of love will lead to an approach that wouldn’t look out of place in Romeo and Juliet!



You are an extremely shy person when it comes to love, so it will often take you longer than most to actually come out and admit that you have those feelings.


As a Virgo, your analytic nature means you're often dissecting every interaction and overthinking the smallest details. This can make you hesitant, as you seek perfection in a partner and fear making the wrong choice. Remember, everyone has flaws, and it's important to embrace vulnerability. Once you've found someone who meets your high standards and you've analyzed all possible outcomes, your commitment is unwavering. Your loyalty and thoughtfulness shine through in a relationship, making you a meticulous and caring partner who aims to foster a love that's as close to perfect as possible.



You love to be loved, so your general approach to romance is to put yourself out there in your very best form, and wait to see which fish take the bait!



You are all about eye contact. You can pretty much fall in love with someone immediately if they are able to hold your gaze in the way that you want.



You are a talker, to the extent that sometimes you don’t even know what you’re saying yourself! When you are in love, your mouth will go in to overdrive, anything to keep the attention of the person in question.



You have the ability to play things as cool as a cucumber, whether in love or not, your demeanour will stay the same. You will keep people guessing until you finally say the words out loud!


You're meticulously cautious when it comes to matters of the heart. Your practical nature means you're not one to dive headfirst into romance. Instead, you take your time, often building a foundation of friendship and trust first. Love for you isn't about grand gestures or whirlwind romances; it's about stability, loyalty, and having a partner who's as investment-minded as you are. You believe in love that lasts and isn't taken aback by the hard work it entails. When you commit, it's with a seriousness that can only be matched by the depth of your devotion.



You interested in the traditional gender roles associated with love. You’re not going to wait for him to say something first, if you feel the love, then you’re going to express it!



You are incredibly easy to read which is refreshing, but it also means that the people will probably know that you are in love with even before you have realised it yourself. This makes it very hard to make a grand announcement!

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