How Each Zodiac Sign Handles a Breakup ...


How Each Zodiac Sign Handles a Breakup ...
How Each Zodiac Sign Handles a Breakup ...

Want to know how you deal with a breakup according to your zodiac sign? For the vast majority of people in the world, breakups are an inevitable part of romantic life. Hardly any of us get the love game right the first time around, which means that going through a breakup is a forgone conclusion. Some breakups are amicable, some are downright terrible, but the one thing that is for sure is that no breakup is ever the same as another. However, according to astrology, there is a pattern that can be identified in the way that you deal with such a life event. Here is how you deal with a breakup according to your zodiac sign.

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You have the gift of perspective, so during a breakup, you are constantly looking to the future to get ahead of the current narrative. That is how you cope.



You are naturally practical, so when you go through a breakup there are no tears and hysterics, you power through and busy yourself until the relationship is a distant memory!



You are happiest when you are busy, so you tend to paper over a breakup by finding a new thing to obsess over. Taking up new hobbies is your favourite hobby!



You tend to be a little bit “misters before sisters” when you are in a relationship, so when that turns bad, you always seek to reconnect with your friends.



You are naturally fierce, so lord help the guy who has to go through a breakup with you! You take no prisoners and don’t have time for fools, so he better watch the hell out!



You have a problem with feeling like you are alone, so whether you like it or not, your go-to breakup reaction move is to go right out there and find someone to rebound with!



Your personality is such that you like to change your look and your attitude whenever something bad happens, so after a breakup, you tend to go all Extreme Makeover: Libra Edition!



To be honest, you are so chill and laidback that it’s entirely possible you won’t even realise you are going through a break up at all! It’s impossible to faze you, and once something is done, you never bother thinking about it again.



You don’t have a harmful bone in your entire body, and for this reason, you always end up being friends with your exes after breaking up with them. It’s an ideal situation to be in if you have the personality to back it up.



You take breakups hard, which always leads to you throwing yourself into some type of self-improvement tour. Whether it's getting back into working out, or taking yoga, or joining a club, anything to make you feel like you are bettering yourself.



You are a naturally creative person, so it makes sense that you like to throw yourself into creating to distract yourself from the pain of a breakup.



You are a sensitive soul who takes breakups pretty bad, so your natural tendency is to go off the grid for a bit to spend some time with your own feelings before being ready to face family and friends.

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