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How You Know They Are Falling out of Love with You According to Their Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

It’s a universal truth that lots and lots of relationships fall apart all the time. Sometimes it happens in a day, sometimes it happens in a week, and sometimes it happens over a much longer period of time in which you or your partner slowly realises that you are simply falling out of love. It’s not the nicest thing to have happen, obviously, but it you are set to be on the receiving end of it, then you can often save a lot of extra heartbreak by recognising some signs. Here is how you know they are falling out of love with you according to their zodiac sign.

1 Aries

They will stop wanting to do the things that you used to really enjoy doing together, demonstrating a lost enthusiasm for the activities that used to be you ‘couple’ activities.

2 Taurus

They will start to shut you out, not responding to questions in the full way that they used to, as well as being unwilling to give details about their day.

3 Gemini

They will all of a sudden just seem really bored with your partnership. No matter how much energy and life you try to breathe into it, they never seem to respond positively.

4 Cancer

Their family will start to distance themselves from you, which is a sure fire sign that they have told them how they are feeling, but haven’t gotten around to telling you yet!

5 Leo

They will start to look elsewhere to sources of admiration, so spending more time with friends than you, perhaps joining some new clubs or hobby groups in order to fill their time.

6 Virgo

They will start to criticise every little thing that you do, because that haze of love has gone for them and they are no longer able to accept all of your tiny, insignificant flaws like they used to.

7 Libra

They will start to demand more freedom in small ways. Wanting to go for a walk by themselves instead of together, going to the gym more and more, wanting ‘me time’ when they never wanted it before.

8 Scorpio

Scorpios are people who can’t live in a lie, so they will have no choice but to come out with it and share how they feel. This can often be the best method in the long run.

9 Sagittarius

Their communication with you will drop to almost non existent levels. You will only get one-word text replies, one word answers, and absolutely no ‘banter’.

10 Capricorn

They will react to falling out of love by throwing themselves into something else in life to not have to directly deal with it. They might start a crazy new gym regime, or join a new club that takes up a lot of their time.

11 Aquarius

They will slowly begin to cut you out of their life. This will be done quietly rather than loudly, small things like missed invites, slow communication, excuses not to spend time together etc.

12 Pisces

They will just stop putting an effort into keeping the relationship going. When you see a hole, you will try to patch it, but they will be happy to see it appear and leave it to get bigger and bigger until breaking point.

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