17. Making Him Jealous


Most of us are guilty of trying to make our boyfriend or crush jealous by talking to another guy. However, this could lead to disaster. You don’t want him to think that you’ve lost interest in him and that you’d rather be with someone else. How would you like it if he flirted with another girl in front of you? It’s never fun to watch.

Acting like a Nagging Nelly


@shanelle yea same here, I'm South African and its frowned upon for a lady to reach for her wallet. They would be offended.
Oooooh, boy (eye roll). Another article preying on women's insecurities. After reading this contradictory laundry list, I infer that the conclusion is "don't be anything"? We've been dancing that dance for a loooong time, ladies. "I'm nobody! Who are you? ...Are you nobody, too?" - Emily Dickinson
Gina Marie Taylor
# 17. Ok with the way this was worded it comes off as saying that if you talk to other guys your man will think you're interested in them and that you've lost interest in him and that talking to and s...
Byron moore
are you interested in a pen pal @Kathleen Angell,
there is this guy am interested in but he seem not to care about .i think he knows that i like him..i call him so many times but he never does ,i text him but his massages be too short don't know ...
Kathleen Angell
this is a persons opinions. every man is different just some things might be the same
Ritchie V
I love Class Women, not " The Only was is Essex type of Girl " But You know what, what a person is on the inside is more important, not a Bitchy self centered Woman
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