25. Being Indecisive

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If you can never choose something, that … well, that can get annoying. It's a turn off when anyone does it, though, the gender doesn't matter. Am I right?

So girls, now that you know all of the turn-offs for guys! Makes it a little easier to know what to look for when you're turning a guy off right? So girls, what other turn-offs for guys do you know about?

This article was written in collaboration with editors Lyndsie Robinson and Holly Riordan.

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Vinod Sharma
@Casie, just let it be..
Vinod Sharma
yes.. valid point
basically just be yourself
Rebecca Singer
@Mssweetiejae, it's okay not to know if you're into a guy at the start. Becoming friends with him is crucial to your possible future, because it serves as a foundation for you two. If you want him to ...
Help! Okay, so, I'm one of those girls who aren't easily attracted to another unless I get to know you. Some guys think I'm playing 'hard to get' when honestly, I'm just really cautious about the rela...
Schatzl Birnbaum
I don't wear makeup.My husband doesn't like it.But I'd wear it if I were still young or going out somewhere special.He thinks I'm beautiful without it. I had short hair after my second child.Now that ...
Dekemce Duran Duka
#17. Really girls??
Reading everyone's comments hurts my brain! Everyone is biased to someone else's opinion.
What are the three main turn offs for a guy?
Is part of this copied from somewhere? I honestly don't understand how in #9 it says, "finally... The last turn-off..." And then the article keeps going on. I'm suspicious of this article.
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