4. Playing Dumb


You might think that it's cute to play dumb a lot of the time, guys actually like girls that have opinions and that are smart. If you know something girls, make sure that you speak up! This is one turn-off for guys that a lot of women don't take too seriously, but it works. Just be yourself, girls!

Talk of Your Ex


Here's a couple...don't eat with your mouth open (goes for guys too), also, let a man be a gentleman (open doors, sit after you have sat down, etc), independence is one thing, but when you recognize t...
Heather Jensen
Aww! At least now you know! :)
Oh God, I feel so embarrassed when reading this article! I must have been such a turn-off for my crush :P Thank you! Now I know what NOT to do around the guy I like :D
Thank you so much for the article... I realized there are so many of these things that I do. :o GREAT HELP
Heather Jensen
Hi Hayley! I agree, a girl should definitely find her own life and be able to find out her own interests.
I think another 1 is if a girl can't entertain herself. Me and my partner live together, we both work and are studying. We make time for each other, but if a girl has to constantly be doing what he is...
Heather Jensen
Ah, those are great turn-offs! Thank you for that Peter!
Jeremy O'Brian
Guy translation for #1- How much Hepatitis A and B do u have under those nails !!! This is disgusting. Your hygiene is in question. #2- higher perfume smell means u are trying to hide a horrible body...
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