5. Talk of Your Ex


Guys hate when a girl constantly talks about her ex. If you are still in love with your ex, it might not be a good idea to be with someone else. If you constantly have to talk about your ex, you might want to think about the reason why. This is one turn-off for guys that they absolutely hate!

Being 'Too Easy'


@Ash Wilson, my husband doesn't like me to wear makeup at all, maybe lipstick but that's it. He says he's afraid it will rub off on him! I rarely wear makeup anyway.
@Taurus, ugh, I hate it when people lecture others about things like that. If I wanted a lecture about how wrong I am about something, I'd call my dad. Well, he's not like that, but you get the point....
@anon, I know, but you'd be surprised. :)
Tim S
I am like rob puzzled how i ended up here but i can contribute a little i have been with my partner Hannah for 2 years now i certainly understand the issues with long nails and i dont have problem if ...
I don't know if its about the cultural different , but Im an Arab and my boyfriend will find it offended if i offer to pay ! He's the guy and he's the one who suppose to pay no matter what or how many times he will
how is your hygiene in question if you have long nails? lol I clean my nails just as well when they're short or long..
"number 15- not offering to pay" lol I think that's funny. But this is just my own opinion, I think guys should always pay for a girl no matter if he ur boyfriend or just guy friend. If u a dude then ...
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