6. Being 'Too Easy'


Girls, this statement is not just about sex, it is about everything! Guys like to have someone that is interesting, someone that won't give away all of their secrets on the first date. You want to leave some mystery there and make sure that you are keeping the relationship interesting and fresh.



Thank you so much for the article... I realized there are so many of these things that I do. :o GREAT HELP
Heather Jensen
Hi Hayley! I agree, a girl should definitely find her own life and be able to find out her own interests.
I think another 1 is if a girl can't entertain herself. Me and my partner live together, we both work and are studying. We make time for each other, but if a girl has to constantly be doing what he is...
Heather Jensen
Ah, those are great turn-offs! Thank you for that Peter!
Jeremy O'Brian
Guy translation for #1- How much Hepatitis A and B do u have under those nails !!! This is disgusting. Your hygiene is in question. #2- higher perfume smell means u are trying to hide a horrible body...
@betty, its not so much nails and perfume Its just when its much too much. Girls just seem to smell lovely without any perfume - it must be magic eh!
Heather you forgot about a ton of make up being off putting for most men I speak but oddly enough, i agree with all of these points especially perfume, clingy and overbearing
Heather Jensen
Aw! That's such a good book too! :) Thanks for reading Saila!
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