9. Affection 💑

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You don't have to kiss her every five minutes, but you should show some sort of affection when you're with her. Hold her hand while you're sitting on the couch. Give her a peck when she walks past you. Do whatever you can to show her how much you care.

Open the Door for Her 👑


Josh Clark
@Anonymous, I know I'm a guy so u prob won't reply but I used to slowly start with her ear lobe and slowly kiss the nape of her neck not wet but dry used to drive her crazy
i think "unexpected kissing" is missing here :))
Heather Jensen
Totally! :) Great idea!
Olivia Holt
You should do one for boys!
Heather Jensen
Me too!! :)
May Nantakan
The hair touching is really turn me on. My boyfriend always touch my hair and I can feel his kindness.
Heather Jensen
Ditto! That's a huge turn-on for me! :)
Rachel Hatcher
I love the hair touching! I have never had a boyfriend but I always have loved my hair being moved around.
heylo ladies.... its so good to read this article.... but i do have a small question to ask u .... why is it that every girl looks into my eyes when an another girl passes by?? ( it kinda makes me fee...
I agree! I find it very sensative to see a guy playing with his kids, or someone else's. It's adorable and makes me melt.
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