4. You Undermine Your Partner in Public

You Undermine Your Partner in Public

Resist making that joke about how stupid he is. He might take it seriously.

You're Emotionally Dishonest


Marissa Montalban
I did completely and honestly opened to what i feels but he has few attitude described above it turn i am wrong for him and now he broke up with me and after a week he got a new woman from his office ...
peony blue
Complaining about a partner doesn't solve anything .
Desiree Petit De Murat
Nothing "leads you" to cheat, cheating is a choice you make, a very poor one by the way...
I think cheating is the worst thing any person could do to their partner, if you wanna cheat please just break up with your partner first then what ever you want to do.
Read the title, knew it was bull
I would never.
We all have free will. These are no reasons to cheat unless you decide to. Period!
Why should you cheat? You can even break up and start a new relationship right?
No I don't do any of them
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