If These Things Come Naturally You've Found the Right Guy ...


You're bound to date quite a few losers before you end up with the love of your life. It's rare to Mr. Right right away, so don't give up hope if you're still looking for the one for you. Once you meet him, you'll know it. How? Well, if the following things come naturally, it's guaranteed that you've found the right guy:

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Being Yourself

When you meet an attractive guy, it's easy to pretend to be what you think he wants instead of actually being yourself. However, when you find the right man, you'll feel so comfortable talking to him that you won't even think about acting any differently than you usually do. You'll be yourself from the get go. That means that your entire friendship and relationship with him will be completely genuine. No lies required.



Okay, you can't always judge your chemistry on the very first kiss, because it's often awkward. However, if every subsequent kiss just feels right, you've found the right guy. On the other hand, if things never stop being awkward, you should move on. You can't have a healthy relationship with a man if every kiss and act of intimacy feels staged.



You might consider yourself a horrible flirt, but flirting is essentially just joking around with someone you find attractive. When you find the right guy, it'll be easy to be playful with him. It'll feel like you've been friends for years, even when you've just met hours earlier.


Holding Eye Contact

Eye contact can be a scary thing. It's difficult to look directly into someone's eyes when they're talking to you, even though you know it's the polite thing to do. If you meet a man, and have no problem looking straight into his beautiful eyes, he could be the one for you. It means that he makes you feel comfortable and safe.


Opening up

If you're a closed book, it's probably hard for you to open up about your painful memories. However, when you find the right guy, you'll find yourself uttering secrets that you never thought you'd tell anyone. You won't even second guess whether or not you should tell him, because you'll know that you need to be honest with him. The best part? He won't judge you at all, because he loves you just as much as you love him.


Sitting in Silence

Some people are absolutely terrified of silence. As soon as a room goes quiet, they'll think of something to say so that they're not stuck feeling awkward. However, when you find the right guy, silence won't feel strange to you. It'll actually feel comfortable, because the person you love most in the world is right next to you, making you feel at peace.



Kissing isn't the only form of physical contact that you should be comfortable with. When he holds your hand or places a hand on your thigh, do you feel comfortable or do you freak out? If he's right for you, then the touching will relax you. The closer you are to him, the better.

Once you meet the one for you, you'll know it in your heart. It'll be as clear as day. Did these things come naturally to you when you started dating your partner?

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Met him already :)

All those things came to me naturally but then he ended up breaking my heart in the end

... #1 is so important ...

Karen I wouldn't close the idea of "get to know each other" phase, that should be something that never ends - I think. And plus, what is a date anyway? I think we formalise it too much, I hate calling it dating lol :P could be something as simple as going out for a coffee, having a walk in the park, playing board games at home.. That's what I think ;)

I found that the man who is currently in my life (14 years & counting) doesn't match up with a few of the list but he does meet far more important "items". He didn't appear to have any trouble with my "secrets" nor the facts that I have medical issues & 2 children who both had "dead beat dad's". Having a lot in common helped a lot as well. We both love old movies, we have very similar tastes in music, we both love having dogs in our lives as well as he filled most of the missing "roles" in our lives that were missing in mine & my children's lives. Funny thing is ... we have never been on even one single date. We are both "home bodies" & prefer showing the truth in our day-to-day lives instead of trying to show all of our good points & hiding all of our bad points during the "get to know each other" phase in our lives that would come with dating.

... #5, yes ...

... #4, make contact but do not act like a vampire trying to hypnotize, just be natural ...

I have question does anybody help me with that ?

@Isabella i agree! you just know when you found the right one for you. :)

got all these..

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