If You Behave This Way when You're Dating, You're Totally Normal πŸ’‘ ...

There are so many rules, dos and don'ts, and pieces of advice related to dating. Most of them seem to contradict each other, plus they set up unrealistic expectations. The truth is, no relationship is rosy all the time. Dating isn't all sunshine and rainbows. Nothing is ever perfect. You may feel and experience some odd or weird things, but that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with you, your partner, or your relationship. You can behave the following ways when you're dating and you're still totally β€œnormal,” whatever that may be.

1. Over Time, the Way You Dress May Start to Change

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In time, you get more comfortable with your partner. That's totally natural. You may stop wearing high heels quite so often. It's likely that you won't mind wearing your sweat pants, prancing around in your ratty underwear, or being completely naked. It doesn't mean anything's wrong.

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