If You Respect ✌🏼 Yourself, Drop 👇🏼 These Dating Habits 💑 ...


You should start respecting yourself more, because you're a beautiful woman. Self knows that, which is why they believe you should drop these immature dating habits that'll never lead to happiness:

1. The "let's Just See Where This Goes" Technique

The "let's Just See Where This Goes" Technique

You should define your relationship as soon as you can, so no one gets confused.

The "I'll Wait 3 Days to Call," and Other Nonsense


@Sasa Fab I agree!
I think defining as soon as you can means asking the other person at what "point" are in life are you? Are you dating to look for a life partner? Are you daring for just someone to enjoy? Or are you l...
You must give time to define the relationship i mean u don't huv to be quick take ur time to know the other person
I agree go with the flow but not at 11 or 12 at night lol nothing really flowing at that time!!
Don't sleep with dates !!!!
Sasa Fab
Great points... It's annoying when dudes ask you to come over and " chill"
peony blue
Number three sounds good
Can't say I personally agree with number 3: quit 'wanna hang out?' Texts. Sometimes it is nice to relax with a potential partner and just hang out rather than planning everything - go with the flow
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