6. Withholding Something to Get What You Want

Withholding Something to Get What You Want

I like to get what I want, too. I get it. However, you shouldn't threaten to withhold dates, sex, or your Wifi password just to get your own way.

Acting Indifferent to Get Attention


I hid from a guy who asked me out and I said yes to way back in high school for 2 weeks and he then realized we should just go back to being friends. But I also learned to speak up! Other than that I...
Christina Gee
I've done this before. You live and you learn
Ooooh shiiiit!! This hit me hard. I do almost all of Them.. Gotta stop that shit!
Great reminder!
I have done this multiple times and regret it
I'm so glad you wrote this its opened my eyes a lot X
I have done a couple and I regret it
Miranne Khaled
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