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11 Important Qualities to Look for in a Potential Boyfriend ...

By Donatella

Ladies, there should be certain qualities to look for in a potential boyfriend before actually making him your boyfriend. Some may call it having high standards, others may call it guarding the heart and choosing carefully. Whatever you call it, there are in fact certain qualities to look for in a potential boyfriend. Here are some of the most important qualities to search for that will result in a happier and longer relationship.

1 Respect

One of the most important qualities to look for in a potential boyfriend is respect. Bottom line, if a guy does not respect you he’s not worth your time. Respect is most definitely a crucial foundation in a relationship and should be shown by you and him. Respect should be displayed through his actions as well as his words. If you ever feel uncomfortable from the beginning or get the sense that he’s not respectful, move on.

2 Intelligence

Deep down it’s definitely a turn on to meet a guy who doesn’t sound or act like a complete dud. Showing off his smarts through chatting about his goals/hopes/dreams/successes can definitely be a green light for you. I’m not saying he needs to be Einstein in order to date him, but make sure to ask him questions about his future, about his career path, and about his ideal future life to get to know him better and find out if he’s got a good head on his shoulders.


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3 Attentiveness

Every girl wants to feel special and paid attention to, right? Well guess what, you deserve a guy who is attentive to you. While you guys are talking or dating, pay attention to how much he pays attention to you. Does he seem to mirror you, observe you, and follow you? Not in a creepy way of course – in a I-really-like-you-and-want-to-show-you-I-care kind of way. If so, he’s a keeper and is certainly worth investing feelings with.

4 Sense of Humor

Not every girl wants a guy who can act like a total goof ball all the time. Quite frankly, sometimes being a goof can be annoying. There is a time and a place to act and be silly, but a good sense of humor is always needed for spice and excitement in a relationship. A good quality of a guy is if he can successfully make you laugh, I mean genuinely laugh, and also make others around him laugh.

5 Good with Family

So this is a pretty obvious important quality. Clearly a family man is a man worth getting to know. It’s super attractive to see your man play catch with your little cousin or bring your mom flowers or even talk sports with your dad. If your crush is already not clicking with your family and friends, chances are it will only get messier and he may cause fights. Make sure to look for a potential boyfriend who is good with family.

6 Sociable

Similarly, a social man is an attractive man. Personally, when I see my crush out with his friends, it only draws me to him more – I find it so attractive when I see him having fun and carrying conversations with his friends and with my friends. In my opinion, if a guy I like is as sociable as I am and enjoys going out, having fun, and meeting new people, it’s bliss.

7 Loyal

The right boyfriend will always stick by you no matter what. Loyalty is not just a quality that men possess in the movies…all men worth dating should and will be loyal to you. Don’t settle for anything less. If he keeps promises to his parents, to his friends, and to you while you are friends, then you know he not only walks the walk but talks the talk and is the real deal. If you get the feeling that he is wishy-washy while you guys are friends, he may not be boyfriend material.

8 Confident

Confidence is another attractive quality in a man. Observe how he stands, walks, and talks while you guys are getting to know each other. Men with confidence will display it in all that they do and they will make sure to act like the man when around you. If he exudes confidence in all he does, there is a good chance that he will take control in the manly role and treat you right – be cautious that he’s not too cocky though!

9 Honest

Clearly honesty is a crucial necessity in every relationship. If he is honest with his friends and family, chances are he will be honest with you too while you’re dating. Most guys will not tell you exactly how he feels about every little thing but he should be honest about how he feels about you and about how he feels towards the chemistry between you two. During the relationship, he should be honest about everything no matter what, but be on the look out before you commit to him.

10 Understanding

A potential boyfriend should understand you. He should be understanding that if you are a more reserved person, he should accept you the way you are; if you are a very social person he should accept you the way you are; if you are a very shy person he should accept you the way you are. He should understand through your body language and moods if and when you are upset, happy, or angry. Being understanding goes hand-in-hand with being attentive – if he is into you, he will understand you!

11 Supportive

Of course, a boyfriend should also be supportive. This means being supportive of your dreams, your goals, and your morals/values. If he gives you this gut feeling that he will always be there for you, through thick and thin, he’s definitely worth getting to know better!

Being aware of all the things that your crush does while you guys are dating or just talking as friends is extremely important because chances are it will determine whether or not you feel he’s worth getting into a committed relationship with. My advice to you is to truly think about what you want, figure out what you’re looking for, and THEN make a decision. What are the qualities that you look for in a potential boyfriend?

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