7 Important Questions to Answer before You Date Your Ex ...


There are a few important questions to answer before you date your ex if you are considering rekindling your relationship. Your original relationship didn’t work for a reason, so keep that in mind when you make the decision. Of course, sometimes, this can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, especially if you are meant for each other but you should still be careful to avoid getting hurt again. Here are a few important questions to answer before you date your ex:

1. Are You Feeling Lonely?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself before you date your ex is if you are feeling lonely or if you really miss your ex. You should want to get back together with them because you still love them and because you want to be with them and not because you feel lonely or because you haven’t found someone else to date.

Why do You Want to Date Your Ex?


I went back with an ex an awful 3 times and I find myself going back oh too much. He's cheated on me countless times as well with his ex and having sex with her. Ladies: respect yourselves and just do...
An ex is an ex for a reason, never get back with an ex!
I need some advice ladies :/ tired of feeling down
How would I know if im merely feeling lonely or it is truly him that I miss?
well when we first broke up i would have got back together in a heartbeat. but as the weeks went on i started to see many of the glaring issues he had. commitment issues, intimacy issues, etc etc. i...
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