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7 Important Reasons to Continuously Learn about Your Spouse ...

By Jessica

People do not stay the same, which is why it's important to continuously learn about your spouse! I know I am not the same person that I was at 17, when I first met my husband, and he is also a different person! We all change, grow and adapt in life and our personalities totally reflect that! Listed below are 7 important reasons to continuously learn about your spouse... let's go!

1 Change

As I mentioned briefly above, we all change as time passes. This is the most dominant reason to study and learn about your spouse and how they operate. What they like and dislike, what their hobbies are, or even favorite foods, are continuously changing! Think about what experiences you both have gone through together that have shaped you individually and as a couple.

2 Intimacy

The more you know about your spouse, the more intimate you become. It really reaches into the depths of who they are when you know every little bit about them - the good and the bad! It makes sexual intimacy way more passionate because of that deep connection.


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3 Respect

It's good for us ladies to know that men speak the language of respect while we speak the language of love. Showing interest in what your spouse is interested in displays a deep respect for who they are! Learn about what interests your spouse and do it together!

4 Humility

We have no problem doing what we love to do because let's face it, we're prone to selfishness. Investing in your spouse and their personality traits and what makes them who they are not only allows you to know them better, but also humbles you a bit because you're not focused on your own interests!

5 Love

What better way to say "I love you" to you spouse than to get excited about their interests and passions? It's so nice to learn as much as you can as often as you can about your partner. They will definitely feel loved and totally blessed!

6 Gift Giving

Another great reason to continuously learn about your spouse is to know what things they like so you can find the perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just because! I always feel so blown away when my hubby gets me a gift perfectly suited for who I am, not only because it means I got a great gift, but also because it means my husband has really been paying attention to who I am right now, and what I want!

7 Excitement

Lastly, it's really just exciting to continue to learn about your partner! It's almost like you're dating again when you find out new things. There's always something new to learn and it's fun to see them grow and change and develop interests and hobbies. As the years pass, this excitement can mean the difference between a lifelong love, and a temporary one... and that's a big deal!

It definitely takes work to continuously learn about your spouse! You must be willing to observe, ask questions, be engaging and most of all be a good listener! Having good listening skills is essential for building trust and openness. What are some fun, new things you ladies have learned about your spouses that you'd be willing to share?!

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