4. How Did It End Previously?

This might not be easy for everyone to think about, especially if feelings were hurt and/or you were left broken-hearted. I can tell you from personal experience that I’ve been there and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Even so, it’s important to remember exactly how it ended previously.

Did they walk out on you or did they stay and try to resolve things with you before walking away? Did they leave you to pick up the pieces on your own or did they try to end it on good terms?

This will tell you a lot about their flight-or-fight response and is usually a telling sign of what they will do in the future if things don’t work out, should you decide to give him a second chance.

Can You Trust Him?


You'll find someone you can love and trust
Going through same thing! Ex won't commit after 3 years and I don't trust him. But I love him so much!
When you see apart. If he tried to see you when he was with someone else, move on. Actually, run!!!
Seeing his mother, alone, makes me cringe. Being apart and then having the option to get back with him helped me to see that I don't want that at all!!!! Don't go back unless you have trust and he was fully respectful to you and any other girlfriend he had
I am going through this right now. I decided that I do not trust him or think he has my best interest at hand. He is selfish and as much as I would love to be with him again. He has hurt me so bad and...
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