7 Important Things to Remember when Meeting His Family ...

By Doriean

7 Important Things to Remember when Meeting His Family ...

Though it can be an exciting time, there are a number of things to remember when meeting his family. It’s difficult not to be nervous or worried about what his parents will think of you and your relationship. Here are a few things to remember when meeting his family.

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Be Courteous

One of the biggest things to remember when meeting his family is exactly what your mother taught you: always be courteous. It will be hard for them to like you if you spend the whole meeting being rude and disrespectful. You wouldn’t really do that, would you? Just be the nice, sweet chick he knows and loves and you should have no issues. Treat people how you would like to be treated – it’s the golden rule!


Don’t Try Too Hard

Have you ever met someone that always overdoes things? They work so hard to impress that they end up doing just the opposite. Don’t be that girl! Actively join in the conversation, answer questions when asked, and laugh when something is funny, but don’t go out of your way to show you’re interested in or knowledgeable about something if you’re not. There are probably numerous family jokes that will come up. Smile sweetly, but don’t try to butt in. You are a special guest, yes, but you shouldn’t impose on conversations that have been going on longer than he’s known you unless you’re invited. Simply be yourself, nothing more.


Dress Conservatively

It’s possible that when the two of you met you were showing off a bit of ‘the goods’ here or there (or everywhere). When meeting the family, it’s a good idea to leave the club-wear at home. Pick an outfit that is cute, expresses your style, fits you nicely and is conservative. A nice sweater and skirt or a dress with a cute cardigan are both great choices. Remember it’s always better to be overdressed than under-dressed, so opt for kitten heels rather than your favorite flip-flops.


Listen and Learn

This is your big chance to learn more about your beau! His mom might share funny baby pictures. His brother might let you in on nicknames he was called as a kid. Trust me, you’re going to get some valuable nuggets of information! So be sure and listen. You’re going to learn so much about him and his upbringing, just as this experience will teach him more about you.


Answer Honestly

There are going to be questions for you. (You didn’t think you were going to get off that easily, did you?) Always answer honestly. Fibbing will only make things confusing for you and your boyfriend. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t tell the truth. His family is asking questions because they want to get to know you. Let them learn about you – within reason. Keep in mind that there is a fine line between being honest and over-sharing.

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Be Open-Minded

Families can be…quirky. There’s always a ‘crazy uncle’ or the ‘pestering little sister’ that could come around and make things a bit awkward during your first meeting. Be open-minded when these things come up. Let the little things roll off for the sake of a positive experience. If anyone says or does something completely inappropriate, of course you should speak up and/or let your boyfriend know how you feel. But little things like his cousin asking how old you are or his mother questioning your intentions come with the territory.


Enjoy Yourself

Above all, have fun! This is an important meeting, sure, but nothing to get all worked up about. Your man is impressed by you and wants the most important people in his life to get to know you. His family loves him and respects his decisions, so they are sure to love you! The biggest thing to remember is to be yourself and enjoy the time you spend with him and his loved ones.

There are seven things to remember when meeting his family. Also remember that if he cares enough to bring you into this personal part of his life, you’re already doing something right! Try to relax and enjoy this pivotal moment in your relationship. What’s your biggest worry when it comes to meeting his family? If you’ve already crossed this step, do you have any advice for other readers?

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