9 Important πŸ’‘ Things You Should πŸ‘ Know πŸ’­ about Sex πŸ› at College 🏫 ...

Going to college is one the biggest milestones in your early life. It’s a time that opens you up to a whole new world of lots of different experiences, and sex is definitely one of them. Even if you are someone who has been sexually active before you start college, the specific nature of the environment means that things aren’t always as straight forward or as simple as that time you did it with your high school boyfriend after prom. Here are nine things you should know about sex at college!

1. It Can Be Unexpected

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You might anticipate that once you get to college, you are going to be at it like a rabbit, finding yourself and experimenting with everyone and everything. In reality, though, the only thing that you can really expect is that is is going to be completely unexpected! Sorry for the riddle!

2. It Should Be Protected

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There is no excuse not to be having safe sex with however you choose to get close to. It’s likely that you will more open to having multiple partners in your college years, and they will be living the same kind of life, so make sure that you protect yourself from anything unfortunate.

3. It Can Be Bad

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College parties equal drinking, drinking equals drunk, and drunk equals bad sex! You should probably prepare yourself for below par encounters with people that are not at their best, and that same goes for you not being at your best either! Plus, there is the fact that some people will not be as experienced as others.

4. It Can Be a Learning Experience

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You should treat your college encounters as learning experiences in your wider sexual education. Nobody will be at the top of their sexual game during those years, it’s more about finding out what you like and what you dislike.

5. It Can Be Regrettable

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Thanks to the power of college parties, you are probably going to end up having at least one sexual encounter that you regret for various reasons. Try not to beat yourself up about it though; it happens to all of us.

6. It Can Be Tricky

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The close living arrangements of college life means that there is always the potential for sexual adventures to become awkward and tricky to navigate. You might find that you become the central star of your own soap opera at some point!

7. It Can Be Experimental

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College is the perfect place to try things out with all genders and sexualities if you are curious. It’s probably the time when we free the most free to experiment without any big consequences!

8. It Can Be Sad

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Not all of the sex that you have at college is going to be great. You might sometime have it just because you are feeling lonely, and that will only further open up any kind of homesickness that you might be feeling.

9. It Can Be Invisible

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Hey, you never know, you might not end up having any sex in college! It might be uncommon, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with saving yourself or just staying away from the potential drama of it. The only thing that matters is making your own choices.

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