7 Important Tips for Meeting Your Boyfriend's Friends ...


Meeting your boyfriend’s friends can be a stressful experience. It’s natural to hope that they like you and give their approval. But don’t worry too much! Try to push those nerves aside and read these tips for meeting your boyfriend’s friends.

1. Don’t Isolate Yourself

Even if you’re uncomfortable, try your best to enjoy your company. Don’t stare at your phone and don’t focus only on your boyfriend. Pay attention to everyone equally to show them you’re interested in their lives. If you’re too shy to talk, just make sure that you listen to those around you. When meeting your boyfriend’s friends, you should try to show them that you’re making an effort.

Bring Food


Y does guys think it's so wrong to tlk to your friends about trouble between u an him n yall not even together n wen he has a problem he always post on fb
Meeting my husbands friends was awkward ... One of the guys' girlfriends took an instant dislike to me...I'm still uncomfortable with them 13 years later
Isabella Coles
My boyfriend doesn't have many friends at all, but it was fun when i met them a few years back :)
Rebecca Lee Lanier
Don't flirt with them as well
Anna Hunt
My boyfriend is part of a group of 6 guys who are all best friends, and I got the chance to go camping with them along with one of the other guy's girlfriend. I took great care to talk to everyone and...
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