10 Definite Don'ts when You Have a Crush on a Guy ...


10 Definite Don'ts when You Have a Crush on a Guy ...
10 Definite Don'ts when You Have a Crush on a Guy ...

Crushes can make you do crazy things. However, you can't take your craziness too far. Here are a few inappropriate things you shouldn't do when crushing on a guy:

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Stalk Him

Stalk Him It's perfectly fine to Facebook stalk him. However, you shouldn't take your stalking off of the internet and into the real world. Following him home, or even following him from class to class to learn his schedule, is a huge no-no. You don't want to cross any boundaries. Be happy that you're able to look through all of his social media accounts. That should be enough for you.


Bash His Girlfriend

Bash His Girlfriend If he's already dating someone, you shouldn't blame her for taking him away from you. It's not her fault. If anything, you should like her, because she has the same taste in men as you do. Even if he screwed you over to be with her, she's not the problem. He is. So stop hating on other women when you should be hating on the man who rejected you.


Sexualize Him

Sexualize Him We'd be pissed if we heard a man talking about our boobs and butt like we were some sort of sex object. So why would you treat a man the same way? Don't tell everyone you know about how sexy his six pack is and how you'd love to nibble his jawline. It's fine to tell your friends info like that, but you don't want to add that stuff to social media or start any rumors.


Keep Going after Him after He’s Turned You down

Keep Going after Him after He’s Turned You down If he turns you down, you shouldn't ask him out again and again. It's rude. You need to respect his opinion, even if it's a hurtful one. There are other men out there. Instead of harassing a man who has made his feelings clear, you should find someone else who will appreciate how amazing you are.


Make Your Whole Life about Him

Make Your Whole Life about Him The world doesn't revolve around your crush. If he's the only thing you can think about, then you need to pick up a book and read or go outside and play a game of basketball. There are other things to focus on, besides boys. Instead of wasting all of your time wondering how he feels about you, you should study your school books and hit the gym to exercise.


Tell Yourself He’s Too Good for You

Tell Yourself He’s Too Good for You You aren't allowed to criticize yourself, just because your crush isn't interested in you. It's not nice. You wouldn't do it to anyone else, so why would you do it to yourself? Instead of listing off all of the reasons why your crush hates you, you should list off all of the reasons why he's stupid for turning you down. After all, you're a catch.


Touch Him and Make Him Feel Uncomfortable

Touch Him and Make Him Feel Uncomfortable Women aren't the only ones who can experience sexual harassment. It happens to men, too. If you see that your crush looks uncomfortable when you touch his arm or run your hand through his hair, then you need to stop. You don't want to enter his personal space without his permission. It's not flirty. It's creepy.


Try to Make Him Jealous

human action, white, black, black and white, person, Talking about other guys around your crush is childish. If you're into him, and especially if he's into you in return, trying to get a rise out of him will make you look immature. Stick to pursuing one guy at a time and go about it the right way.


Make Being Together AwKward

glasses, vision care, Sure, we all get nervous around our crush, but if you're a texting fiend with him then all of a sudden you avoid him face to face, you give mixed signals. He could begin to think you are embarrassed to be seen with him which will totally turn him off.


Be Someone You're Not

black and white, eyewear, album cover, monochrome photography, yourself, Always be yourself. Don't pretend to like something for him or be someone you aren't because of him. If he likes you, he'll like you for you!

Avoid doing these inappropriate things when you develop feelings for someone. Have you ever done any of these things, even though you knew you shouldn't have?

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I'm not that crazy....... Yet...............

infatuation is a dangerous game man 😭

When you've done all of this but touch him because he won't let you😭

My situation is way off, it's more like when the infatuation is over, it comes back and it's way more intense. Trying to stay away is more my problem.

Interesting but i suppose when you like a guy your mind goes a bit crazy hahahah

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