5. Need Financial Stability

This sign, while they might like things simple (we'll go into that), they also need to feel financially stable. They don't want to be lavished in expensive gives, but they definitely know the value of a dollar and they want to make sure that they have financial independence and don't have to count every single dollar.

Simplistic is Best


Savannah Phelps
Pin-pointed me exactly!! :)
So right! I'm a Taurus and that describes me so well!
Melissa Marie
Definitely me! Loved this :)
Been waiting for this and oh so accurate but now I would like to know who I'd be most compatible with lol.
Melissa Faith Ackley
Yup. This is me :)
Loving this article just from reading the introduction, it's just like me
The man I am dating is a Taurus... Sometimes, I wonder why I stick around. He disappears often, but when he comes around, I melt.
I was just talking to my bestfriend about this last night.... Way too accurate....
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's awesome!
Heather Jensen
Yep! Just search Capricorn in our search bar and you'll find it! This was the last sign, so all of the signs should be there!
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