7 Incredibly Fun Things to do for Girls While Your Guy Plays Video Games ...


7 Incredibly Fun Things to do for Girls While Your Guy Plays Video Games ...
7 Incredibly Fun Things to do for Girls While Your Guy Plays Video Games ...

Stalkers, if your man is anything like mine he likes to unwind with a little video game action, leaving me with a couple of hours of “me time.” I have two choices, I can either throw a fit and demand he pay attention to me or embrace it. Seeing as how I know the first is not going to work I come up with 7 Things to Do for Girls While Your Guy Plays Video Games.

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Enjoy your night. Relax with a good book or magazine. A couple of hours is the perfect amount of time to read through a couple of chapters or get the main stories covered in a magazine. You’ll be done just as he is finishing up and ready to focus back on you.


Warm Bubble Bath

You know want it! Don’t just sit and watch him run around in circles fighting a war or throwing endless touch downs. Take this time to draw a nice warm bath complete with your favorite bubbles. Add a few candles and soft music. Aww, doesn’t that sound like the perfect thing for girls to do and so much better than gun fire and grunts.


Visit All Women Stalk

I come to All Women Stalk and find so many thinks to do for girls. I get lost in all the post about fashion, celebrities, weddings, makeup and life that before I even know it, two hours have come and gone. So the next time your man decides he wants to get lost in his virtual gaming world you can get lost in All Women Stalk.


Work out

Now this is one thing to do for girls that is just good! Head to the gym or if you don’t feel like leaving home, put a work out video on in the other room. Don’t have a good video? That’s find too. You can turn up the radio or your MP3 player and dance around. Throw in a few crunches and push-ups after dancing and you’ve got a complete work out.


Call Your Girlfriend

We don’t always have enough time for our friends. When my man gets busy playing video games I love to catch up with my bestie on the phone. We can go on for hours about all the things to do for girls. It’s a win-win for both of us. We gets to play his games and I get to chat away with my friends


Manis and Pedis

What girl wouldn’t use a little pampering? When he heads over to turn on the video game console its time to bust out your out home foot spa, lotions, potions, tools and polish. Give your feet the loving they deserve. Try out some new shades or style on your fingernails. Take your time and relax. Out of all the things to do for girls this has got to be one of the best.


Watch a Chick Flick

Watch a sappy love story movie that he would never understand, or catch up with your favorite shows. Sometimes it is nice to watch a movie alone. You don’t have hear faint sighs of complaint in the background or feel self-conscious if the story line brings makes you teary. It’s also nice to watch your favorite shows with out having to explain the background story again!

See there are tons of things for girls to do while our men are busy. What do you like to do when your guy off in “his” world. Anything from my list of 7 things to do for girls while their guy plays video games that you will try next time?

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