7 Insensitively Tactless Things You Shouldn't Say to Single People ...


Single People aren't necessarily unhappy with their situation. Just because a friend or family member is single doesn't mean you should harp on them about when they're going to “settle down” or “find the one” or “get married and start having babies.” When I was single, I dealt with that constantly, and as much as I love the Better Half, becoming part of a couple made me realize just how differently single people are treated. Some folks act like they're carrying the plague, that their singleness is contagious! So here's a word to the wise: here are a few things you shouldn't say to single people if you don't want to get the smack down!

1. “You'll Meet Someone when You Aren't Looking.”

Single people aren't necessarily looking. In and of itself, this really isn't offensive, just annoying. The thing is, it's different for everyone. The implication that you can just sit back, stop trying to meet anyone new, and some great partner will fall into your lap is just weird. I mean, this doesn't even work for me when I lose my keys. For that matter, would you say that to someone who lost their keys?

“There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea.”


Heather Jensen
I completely agree! Thanks for the comment Maryellen!!
Iove the first one! ..I never understood when people say things like "you'll find love when you stop looking for it"
young poet
that last one is kindof a no brainer
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