8 Inspiring 🌈 Ways to Feel Sexy 😍 as Hell πŸ”₯ in Bed πŸ› ...


Have you ever had a day where you've put a lot of time and effort into trying to feel sexy (think: bangin' brows, seriously sharp eyeliner wings, and soft, kissable lips)β€”but it still falls flat? Feeling sexy, confident, and desirable can be hard work! And it doesn't always take place in the bedroom, either.

Whether you buy a new shade of lipstick, show off some cleavage, or simply wear something you feel comfortable in, there are plenty of different ways to make yourself feel sexy and confident. If you're looking for some new ways to feel sexy as hell in bed, try out these 8 suggestions tonight.

1. Wear Something That You Feel Confident in

Feeling sexy in bed doesn't always start there. Sometimes, it starts at the beginning of your day and involves doing something that makes you feel confident and fierce. It could be anythingβ€”from wearing your favorite T-shirt to your favorite pair of heels. If you start your day off looking and feeling good, you're much more likely to end it that way, too.

Splurge on Some Fancy Lingerie
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