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Some would say that hookups and regret go hand in hand, as the social pressure and lack of planning in engaging into spontaneous, random short term relationships and one-night stands might not always have a positive effect. Others would say the contrary, that they are great fun or have helped them get through difficult moments. No matter which side you're on, check out these facts about hookups and regret researchers have found. I, for one, found them very interesting!

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Hookups and Low Self Esteem

One of the main factors linked to hookups and regret that seems to cause strong reactions when it comes to engaging in casual encounters is low self-esteem. Researchers have found people who lack confidence or have abandonment issues tend to respond much more negatively to hookups than most individuals.


These individuals may engage in casual sex seeking validation or connection, which are not always guaranteed outcomes of such encounters. Indeed, the aftermath can exacerbate feelings of loneliness or worthlessness, especially when the desired emotional return isn't reciprocated. It's also worth noting that even those with a robust sense of self can experience regret, as societal pressures and personal values often conflict with the fleeting nature of hookups. Those with lower self-esteem, however, are particularly vulnerable as they might perceive the lack of a deeper connection as a reflection of their own self-worth.


Action and Inaction

Probably the main difference between men and women when it comes to regret is that, while males tend to regret not acting and not engaging in casual sexual relations, women react oppositely, being more likely to blame themselves for a casual sexual act, rather than for inaction.


Regrets and Partner Choice

A more obvious fact about hookups and regrets that most men and women tend to agree on is that partner choice is one of the most important factors determining the success of a hookup. Most feel confused and awkward about making bad partner choices in the past, while very fondly remembering even a short one-night stand with a good partner. Also, another interesting finding is that men and women alike are more likely to feel remorse after a hookup if it involved a partner they had met less than 24 hours before the "incident."


The Most Common Regrets after Casual Sex

A study that tracked the response of men and women of different ages and sexual orientation about various casual sex scenarios has revealed that the three most common regrets for women are losing their virginity to the wrong partner, moving too fast, and cheating on a present partner. For men, the top regrets are being unable to engage in adventurous sexual encounters in their youth, being too shy to “make a move,” and not being active enough sexually while they were single.


Better Opportunities for Young Female Adults

Even though, sadly, many still condemn women for being open to hookups – either due to tradition or dated beliefs – the fact that nowadays ladies are more likely to engage in casual encounters has actually led to more young female adults feeling empowered, not being pressured into early marriages, and more likely to focus on their career and personal development without distractions.


How Common Are Hookups?

While there’s a lot of talk about hookups and regret, many also state that hookups have become a lot more common and prevalent than in the past. However, while most college students claim to believe their fellow students have dozens of sexual partners they may have heard about, a detailed study reported only a total of about 5-7 hookups (on average) per student during 4 years of college.


Good Relationships Born out of Random Hookups

Finally, both young and older people claiming to regularly engage in hookups confirm the fact that the added emotional experience, as well as the spontaneity and sense of adventure associated with hookups, have led them to attract more mature and interesting partners, while also improving their ability to be honest – in short, leading to more fulfilling long term relationships, as well as a lot less regret in the end.

These are some of the most interesting findings about hookups and regret as reported by modern researchers. How do you feel about this list and what's your opinion on hookups?


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It is human nature to feel bad about hook ups. everyone wants to be in a healthy loving relationship.

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