7 Interesting Things Men Notice First in Women ...


7 Interesting Things Men Notice First in Women ...
7 Interesting Things Men Notice First in Women ...

I’m sure most of you always wondered about the things men notice first in women and you didn’t get an honest answer yet. Well, you should know that men aren’t so hard to understand because they are pretty straight-forward and you could easily find out what things men notice first in women by simply watching them very carefully every time they meet a new lady. According to Dr. Paul Dobransky, the author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love, "In the first five minutes of meeting someone, it's generally physical beauty that attracts men. That's actually the very first step of courtship for them." But we shouldn’t get him wrong because he also explains that not all men are attracted to supermodels and that every men has his own individual taste in women. So, read on and find out what most men notice first about a woman:

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Eyes One of the most common things men notice first in women is, of course, their eyes. It is said that the eyes are the windows to your soul so I guess we understand why this is the first thing a man notices about a lady. Usually, eyes tell us a lot about a person. You can find out if that person is lying to you or telling the truth, if it’s a nice person or, on the contrary, someone whom you wouldn’t want to have around you.



Smile I’ve read a lot of surveys about the things men notice first in women and in almost all of them, a beautiful smile came second on the list. Well, that’s not very surprising because, after all, who doesn’t like to look at a person with a nice smile? A lot of research has shown that when you first meet someone, no matter where you are, a nice but genuine smile indicates interest. So, try to smile more often because you never know who will fall in love with your smile.



Hair Apparently, another thing most men notice first in a woman is her beautiful and healthy hair. So, maybe all those long hours spent at the hairdresser aren’t in vain after all. Research has shown that most men think that hair which is healthy, stylish, shiny and sleek is a sign of health and youth. Some surveys have shown that men would like to be with someone with natural, long, flowing, soft hair that smells amazing too.



Legs Well, I’m sure this isn’t a surprise for anyone. Men like long legs and that is one of the things they first notice about a woman, but you should know that in the long term there are other qualities that matter more to them than a nice pair of legs. A study that involved more than 200 men and women “revealed that people whose legs are 5% longer than average are considered the most attractive, regardless of their gender.”



Chest I’m sure a lot of you thought this is the first thing men would notice when they would first meet a woman. Well, you were wrong; men are not assuperficial as you might think. In fact, research has shown that a man does notice a woman’s chest but only after her eyes and her smile. Breasts are considered to be a sign of fertility and youth, so this is more like men’s biological hard wiring, they just can’t help it.

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Dress Sense

Dress Sense Perhaps this is quite surprising but you should know that most men do notice a woman’s dress sense. One recent study has even found that men prefer classier dressers to women who show too much of their skin. So, apparently all your efforts of dressing nicely don’t pass unnoticed after all. A great (not necessarily expensive) sense of style tells a lot about a person, so pay a lot of attention to the way you dress because you wouldn’t want to send the wrong message.



Skin Also, you might be surprised to find out that men notice more than all those sexual traits and they do pay attention to the way your skin looks. A lot of surveys have indicated that men see a good complexion as a sign of health. Thus, in their opinion, it’s more likely for a woman with a healthy-looking complexion to be more fertile and to produce healthier offspring.

There are a lot of other things men usually notice when they first meet a woman, things I haven’t mentioned in this list. Can you give me a hand and tell me what I should add, so that this list would be complete? Please share your opinion with us in the comments section!

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How are boobs more superficial than eyes or smiles? They are all unchangeable physical characteristics. Also, where are butt and hands? It may be different for lesbians/bisexual women but I also like stomachs...not picky about whether pudgy or flat, I just like them in general. P.S. Short hair for the win.

Your eyes have nothing to do with your speech. There is no scientific proof regarding it

beauty is in the eye of the beholder !

eztosay: Honey if any man talks properly of you & your scars on your legs he's not the man for you! I have surgical scars all over my chest and stomach and I've never been with one woman that talked poorly about them! In fact they have loved them!...:)!

My guy friends just said the correct order is butt, boobs, and then face. And the girls better be well dressed! Lolz

Ahh.. But l have KP so l don't know if that condition of my skin is healthy or whatever to give good looking offspring. I also have vitiligo, l have tan skin on my legs and exposed area. But ever since l was young l had white skin, so now my stomach and that area is whitish and my legs and arms look very strange together with the rest of my body.

every man has different likes & dislikes. that's why there's someone for everyone. just like women have their preference. it's not one body part fits all. but this list highlights the basics for 'most' men:)

always looking for something good from a women while they 're a piece of shi ..tt..😷

I'm a lesbian and I go for the following; eyes,lips/smile, arms/muscles, hands/nails or rather lack of nails.... Haha .... I'm a fem that only dates studs... I've been told by exs & my gf now that my eyes attracted them first, than my lips/smiles, butt/hips/thighs, hair, stomach...

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