3. Hair


Apparently, another thing most men notice first in a woman is her beautiful and healthy hair. So, maybe all those long hours spent at the hairdresser aren’t in vain after all. Research has shown that most men think that hair which is healthy, stylish, shiny and sleek is a sign of health and youth. Some surveys have shown that men would like to be with someone with natural, long, flowing, soft hair that smells amazing too.



@Annamaria, absolutely not. I bet u rock that short hair.. Be confident in who you are.
Tach Mil
@Taksanchez, You got that right.
Tach Mil
True very true indeed.
What do men think of girls with braces? I'm so insecure about my smile and it keeps me from going out and talking to people..
And the vitiligo is starting on my neck, and hasn't spread, it's whiter than my normal white. I don't smile with my teeth is that okay? Right now, my canines are like fangs and my ears are too big. I'm starting to realise l have a lot of flaws now
Ahh.. But l have KP so l don't know if that condition of my skin is healthy or whatever to give good looking offspring. I also have vitiligo, l have tan skin on my legs and exposed area. But ever sinc...
Stacey Ohare
I always go to the boobs. Boobs first. Eyes second. Ass third.
Add comment the feet. Men I would think would love soft pedicured feet without a second toe inches above the big toe?? huh??? gross.
k wow nice
From my guy friends i have learned that they are attracted to women who also have healthy looking white teeeth
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