Is Going Back to Your Ex a Good or Bad Idea? Answer Your Question Here ...

Some relationships end and people move on. But sometimes there is this awkward situation when two people realize that maybe ending their relationship wasn’t the best for them. There might be some left over feelings that leads both of them to reconsider their relationship. And there comes the question: Should you go back to your ex or move on? There are pros and cons to both situations. Here are some things to consider before making your decision.

1. The Reason the Relationship Ended

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Look back and think about the reason that caused you to end this relationship. Was it a simple fight or was it a deeper problem? If this was a fight and you both reacted out of feelings of anger then maybe giving another chance is not such a bad idea. But if there was a bigger problem then you need to find out if the problem is still there or not. If the problem is no longer an issue then going back to the relationship might be easier. But if the problem is still there, then there is probably no point to return to the relationship.

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