7. He Posts Partying Pictures on Social Media


If he tells you he's busy with work, but you always see pictures of him partying with friends on Facebook, then he's a liar. It's as simple as that.

He Always Cancels at the Last Minute


My crush is doing all of these things...he said we could "hang out sometime" on 8 different occasions, then 15 minutes before each "date" he would say how something came up and that he can't meet me o...
Who cares! Start dating men instead of immature little boys and you won't be asking yourself that question!
Unfotunately, Joy, i beg to differ.
Sometimes men are honestly just busy, instead of sitting there trying to analyze it , trust him and move forward
I started reading this article and I couldn't finish it because it was too immature. These are all things immature boys says not grown men.
Youve got all tge power, ladies. Use it!
I just realised now that my crush of 2 years is not into me. I always call and sms he never start the conversation. Worse he tells me about other girls that are just his sex partners. I needed this tw...
Wow. Seems true enuf to some. Haha
Me too,Scarlett, that's what they deserve!
Haha...If they're lucky, men will get the same treatment ONCE from me...and then I dump their ass. Be strong, ladies!
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