Is It an Argument or the Beginning of the End?


Is It an Argument or the Beginning of the End?
Is It an Argument or the Beginning of the End?

Here is a secret that every person who has ever had a partner can tell you, relationships are hard, and they often involve lots of bickering and fighting! It is completely normal and natural to have rows with your loved one, but what about those times when things go a bit too far, and you start to feel like the conflict you are having is deeper and heavier than how it has felt before? Here are some ways to tell is it just an argument or the beginning of the end of your relationship.

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Little Things in to Big Things

If your fights mostly stem from turning little things into big things, then it doesn’t have to mean you are breaking up. What you need to do is just both check yourselves and try to figure out your priorities. Does having a shouting match about leaving the toilet seat up really what you want to be doing on a Monday night? No!


Intentions Aren’t Hurtful

If you just like to bicker at each other, but the bickering is never coming from a place where your intention is to hurt your partner, then you are probably fine. Just like some friendships, some relationships kind of thrive on minor conflict, it’s just the way you two operate!


Trying to Change Them

If most of the arguments you have stem from the fact that you are trying to change your partner and turn them into someone else, then that could be bad news. After all, if you spend so much time trying to make them a different person, shouldn’t you actually be looking for a different person?


Same Argument

If you keep having the same argument again and again and again, then it could be the end. If there is a particular obstacle that neither of you can seem to get over, then you have to start considering whether you are ever actually going to stop having that fight.


Deal Breakers

You have been ignoring it for a while, but you have come to the realisation that the things you are fighting about are actually deal breakers for you. It doesn’t matter how late into the relationship you figure this out, a deal breaker is a deal breaker, and things usually only end one way!


Unhealthy Change

If your arguments usually end in you trying to change yourself in order to fit in with what makes your partner happy, then this isn’t a healthy way to be living and loving. You shouldn’t have to transform yourself to stay in a relationship, you deserve to find someone who loves you for exactly who you are in your natural state!

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