Is It Your Friends' Fault You Are Still Single?


Is It Your Friends' Fault You Are Still Single?
Is It Your Friends' Fault You Are Still Single?

Are you incredibly single and incredibly willing to mingle, but for some reason or another, you are currently finding it incredibly difficult to meet someone and make a lasting connection? A lot of the time, the reason this is the case can often be identified within your own personality or attitude, but sometimes, just sometimes, there is a valid case to be made that external factors are doing you a significant disservice. So is it your friends’ fault you are still single?

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You might be in a position where you have such a close friendship with someone, that they provide you with all of the companionship and love that you need so you don’t feel the immediate urge to commit yourself to a lover. After all, sexual satisfaction can be gained in any number of ways on your own, and if you have a friend that covers your emotional needs, you might be stuck in a surrogate kind of situation!


Too Good a Friend

It might be the case that you are such a good, committed friend, that you simply don’t allow yourself enough time to look after your BFFs and have a BF too. If you are the first person that everyone comes to when they want company or they need help, then it is no surprise that being too good of a friend might be having an impact on your lack of time to find a partner.



If you are part of a very tight-knit group of friends, then sometimes you might find it hard to branch out with a potential dating partner because you are too concerned with missing out on the things that your pals are doing. FOMO stands for fear of missing out, and this can be a real thing when you can’t stand to be apart from your BFFs long enough to make any kind of romance blossom with someone.


Third Wheel

It might be a case that you hang out with your friends and their partners so much that you have kind of gotten comfortable with the notion of being a third wheel! It’s almost as if you get so used to being around couples and other people’s romance that you almost feed off of that and don’t have the immediate urge to go out and try to get some of it for yourself.



It could just be a classic case of being too scared to branch away from your close friendship group and take a chance on someone who you have to start fresh with. There is a great comfort that comes from being a member of a tight squad, but that isn’t always going to see you through every element of your life, especially not romance. It might be scary, but eventually, you are going to have to tear yourself away from the safety of your friends and put yourself out there in other ways.

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