Is Your Boyfriend Taking Advantage of You?


Do you have the suspicion that your boyfriend is taking advantage of you? Does it feel like your relationship is one-sided, and you're doing all the work to keep it going? Here are some indications that your boyfriend could be taking advantage of you …

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You do Everything for Him

If you live with your boyfriend, do you do everything for him? Has he always got excuses for not doing his share around the house? Or if you don't live together, is he always asking you to get his dry cleaning or do his laundry? If he's treating you like his mother and somehow gets you to do everything for him, he's taking advantage of you.


He Never Puts You First - It's All about Him

A selfish guy makes sure it's all about him. He insists on choosing where you go for evenings out, wants all your attention, and isn't really interested in your life. He never puts you first, and expects you to fit in with his life and plans. Are you letting him get away with taking advantage of you by going along with this?


When you share your dreams or achievements, he might dismiss them or redirect the conversation to his own achievements. He lacks empathy when you're struggling and rarely offers genuine support, unless there's something in it for him. A relationship is a two-way street, but if you find yourself constantly on the giving end, it's a red flag. Reflect on the moments you've really needed him—has he been there for you, or does he shrug off your needs? Love involves reciprocity; a partner who truly cares will make your happiness a priority too.


You Pay for Everything

Be wary of being expected to pay for everything. Perhaps he conveniently forgets his wallet when it comes to paying, or complains that he's too poor to contribute. There's nothing wrong with him earning less than you, but if he's expecting you to pay all the bills because of that, he may be taking advantage of you.


In a balanced relationship, financial responsibilities should be divided according to each other’s capabilities. If he's always making excuses or giving you sob stories for not pitching in, it's a red flag. Financial equality isn't about the amount, but the intention and effort put into sharing the burden. If you find yourself constantly covering expenses without a thank you or an offer to pay it forward, it's time to have a serious conversation. After all, a partnership is about reciprocity and mutual support, not a one-way street of generosity.


It's a One-Sided Deal

Does it feel as though the relationship is rather one-sided? Does he expect your support but is never there for you when you need him? Your relationship should be one of mutual support. If you're the one that's doing all the work and putting in the effort to keep it going, you've got a very one-sided deal in which he's the one getting the most out of it.


You Don't do Couple Things

Do you rarely do the things normal couples do, like go out on dates or spend evenings at home watching movies? Does he prioritise going out with his friends over spending time with you? While it's good for couples to have their own friends, he should want to spend time with you. And if he only ever calls when he wants sex, you're definitely being taken advantage of.


He's Always at Your Apartment

Does he have his own apartment, but spend most of his time at yours? If he treats your apartment as his second home but never contributes in any way, he may be taking advantage of you. If he never buys food but always eats at your home, if he sleeps at your place several nights a week but isn't contributing to the rent, you're being used.


He Doesn't like Being Called Your Boyfriend, but He Enjoys All the Boyfriend Privileges

If he likes to enjoy the privileges of being a boyfriend, but doesn't want the official label, you're almost certainly being used. Some guys are so commitment-phobic that they don't want the relationship to be publicly known. Others want it kept quiet because you're not the only girl they're seeing.

Relationships should be a two-way thing. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of because you're afraid of being single. Have you ever been the one who's taken advantage of a partner?

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Aaaw love the pic, she needs a wip, ^_^

This happened to me in my past relationship. I broke up with him three months ago, but being used and disrespected the way I had still hurts :(

All of this except the last one

I've experienced this 😣 so shameless..

5 years of this bullshyt. If it isn't going where you want it, move on.

Happened with my ex now I've matured and not so naive - I now have a wonderful guy who looks after me in every way.. :) you need to meet horrible guys sometimes so you can appreciate the nice ones when they come along... :) ;)

This happened to me a few years ago. I was younger and naive. So many lessons learnt since then. Never again! Be warned ladies!

Sooooo me . That's why I dumped his ass ages ago

This totally happened to me with my ex. Don't let this happen to you, ladies!

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