4. It's a One-Sided Deal

Does it feel as though the relationship is rather one-sided? Does he expect your support but is never there for you when you need him? Your relationship should be one of mutual support. If you're the one that's doing all the work and putting in the effort to keep it going, you've got a very one-sided deal in which he's the one getting the most out of it.

You Don't do Couple Things


5 years of this bullshyt. If it isn't going where you want it, move on.
All of this except the last one
Alex Fleming
This happened to me a few years ago. I was younger and naive. So many lessons learnt since then. Never again! Be warned ladies!
Aaaw love the pic, she needs a wip, ^_^
Sooooo me . That's why I dumped his ass ages ago
I've experienced this 😣 so shameless..
This totally happened to me with my ex. Don't let this happen to you, ladies!
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