7. He Doesn't like Being Called Your Boyfriend, but He Enjoys All the Boyfriend Privileges

If he likes to enjoy the privileges of being a boyfriend, but doesn't want the official label, you're almost certainly being used. Some guys are so commitment-phobic that they don't want the relationship to be publicly known. Others want it kept quiet because you're not the only girl they're seeing.

Relationships should be a two-way thing. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of because you're afraid of being single. Have you ever been the one who's taken advantage of a partner?


All of this except the last one
Alex Fleming
This happened to me a few years ago. I was younger and naive. So many lessons learnt since then. Never again! Be warned ladies!
Aaaw love the pic, she needs a wip, ^_^
Sooooo me . That's why I dumped his ass ages ago
I've experienced this 😣 so shameless..
This totally happened to me with my ex. Don't let this happen to you, ladies!
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