The Signs to Watch for to Know if Your Man is a Warrior ...

By Neecey

The Signs to Watch for to Know if Your Man is a Warrior ...

You are a modern woman. You are a warrior. You deserve not just a man. You deserve a warrior! This warrior will be by your side in battle – not fight them for you. This warrior will not hunt to feed you – you will forage together. This warrior won’t over-protect you – he will support the risks you take. Does your man measure up to being your warrior? Here’s how I define a modern warrior. Take a read and then tell me at the end, did I get it right?

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He Loves Very Hard and Forgives Very Fast

A true warrior type, as you might expect from his reliance on gut instinct, can be prone to fall in love very deeply and very quickly. He is also prone to forgiving very quickly as well, which means that if your man is the warrior type then you will not find yourselves getting in to petty arguments about silly things. He can see the bigger picture and his massive love for you will always override trivial annoyances that he can forget and get past in no time.


He’s Not Afraid to Be Bold

A warrior type doesn’t necessarily have to be aggressive and assertive 24/7, but a real warrior will not hesitate to show his bold side when he feels like he needs to either defend himself or defend those that he holds dear. He is not afraid to push boundaries when they need to be pushed, and this quality can lead to a better understanding of himself and of those around him.


He is Not Defined by His Circumstances

One of the key signs your man is a warrior is that he refuses to let his life be defined by the state of his current circumstances. If his job isn’t going well, he knows that that does not mean that he is a lesser human being. His life motto is very much ‘a work in progress’, never letting himself be defined by temporary situations, always striving to be better and not letting life beat him.


He Accepts He Can Be Wrong at Times

The sign of a true warrior is a man who is often right, but can also be humble and admit and accept when he is wrong. A sense of fairness and justice is a key quality, possessed by many iconic figures who achieved success throughout history. Hey, your man might not be making decisions on the battlefield, but his sense of fairness is on point!


He Admires Others

A warrior is more than happy to give a compliment when they acknowledge something in another person that impresses them. Somebody who realizes that admiring others’ abilities does not diminish their own, but actually strengthens the bond between them and that person and in turn makes them stronger can be seen as a classic warrior!

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Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


He Trusts His Instincts

Something that a warrior type never does is agonizing over a decision. Trusting your instincts is a primal process; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but there is no way that you will find a warrior second guessing himself or changing his mind at the last minute. For a warrior, instinct is the best way to go.


He Craves Connection and Hates Separation

A warrior type is always very aware of the impact that he has on those around him, and also of the impact that those around him have on him as well. Because of this, he always seeking connection whether it is romantic or platonic, meaning that he is always around to lend a hand should you need one. He can be depended on in tough situations and never keeps score, he just helps because he loves to help! And he’s not embarrassed to tell his mom he loves her in front of you.

What other qualities do you think defines a warrior worthy of a warrior woman?

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