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Is Your New Relationship Sabotaging Your Health ...

By Eliza

A new relationship is a wonderful thing and it can make you feel pretty darn great. While having a new love in your life is something you should always be excited about, there are some things about a brand new relationship that can interfere with your health. Go ahead and enjoy yourself, but watch out for these things while you do.

1 You Eat More
When you're hanging out with a new man, chances are you're going to bars and restaurants. Not only is the food in these places not that good for you, but research shows that you might try to match your date calorie for calorie. This could be because you're having so much fun and not paying attention to what you're eating or it might be because you want to impress him. Try to pay attention to how much you're eating so that you can prevent new relationship weight gain.

2 Less Time with Your Bestie
It's no secret that a new relationship takes all your time. However, neglecting your best friends isn't good for those relationships, but in addition to that, you need those girly connections to stay healthy. Experts say that spending time with your ladies helps lower stress and increases a happy mood, both of which lead to a higher sense of well being and a generally better life. Make sure you schedule a girl's night.

3 You Might Be Drinking More
When you're spending time with a new guy, you may find that you wind up having cocktails when you're out. Drinking too much liquor increases your risk of several health issues, including certain types of cancer, weight gain and heart disease. Go easy on the booze and connect over coffee instead.

4 You're Sleeping Less than is Healthy
We've all been in a relationship where we stay up all night talking or dancing. While missing out on some sleep now and then probably isn't going to hurt you, making it a habit can. Lack of slumber increases hunger hormones, increasing the risk that you'll overeat. Not getting enough shut-eye also increases stress levels and decreases productivity and focus.

5 Increased Anxiety Levels Might Occur
A new relationship feels good, but it can also leave you feeling anxious. That's often because you don't want to mess things up or you're worried that your new partner may not be interested as get to know more about you. This anxiety can lead to depression, but it's more likely to take away from the happiness of being paired off. If you have a lot of anxiety, talk to your doctor about how to control it.

6 You May Skip Your Regular Checkups
The thing about a new relationship is probably that you want to be together all the time. That might mean you neglect your regular medical and dental checkups. This can lead to health issues because your doctor isn't able to keep an eye on what's happening with you. A new relationship might also preoccupy you to the extent that you forget to take your meds. Make sure this doesn't happen because it can be extremely detrimental to your health, especially if you have chronic health conditions.

7 Now for the Good News
Yes, a new relationship can harm your health if you aren't careful, but it can also be good for you. Research shows that a happy coupling can protect your blood pressure and heart health. It can also give you a positive outlet for relaxing and lowering stress. So go ahead and jump right into that new relationship.
Are you in a new relationship? What's your favorite part about it?

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