It Isn't the Right Time to Lose Your Virginity in These Situations ...


It Isn't the Right Time to Lose Your Virginity in These Situations ...
It Isn't the Right Time to Lose Your Virginity in These Situations ...

When you are a young person and still very much in the tight grip of peer pressure at school or college, something that might take up a lot of your time is the thought of losing your virginity. It might seem like everyone else in the world has done it, but believe me, that isn’t the case, and that isn’t a reason for you to jump in before you are ready. Here are some examples of when it isn’t the right time to lose your virginity.

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Stranger Encounter

Whether you are at a random party, or on holiday perhaps, having sex for the very first time with a complete stranger is never a good idea. A lot of the time these encounters are not planned, and therefore potentially not safe, not to mention the fact that you barely know anything about the person and you are then going to be left to deal with the emotional ramifications of losing your virginity without a partner to talk to.


Not That into Him

I’m not saying that you have to be head over heels in love with someone for your first time, but it can be a red flag if you just aren’t that much into him at all. Losing your virginity perhaps doesn’t have as much significance as in times gone by, but it is still good for your emotional development if you can pick someone who you have an affection for, and who has an affection for you.


Peer Pressure

If the only reason you are considering it is because the guy has been badgering you and badgering you, then that is a surefire decision maker not to do it. Any guy worth sleeping with will always wait until you are 100% ready, and with it being your first time, the last thing you need is someone forcing you to do things quicker than you are comfortable with.



I get that decision-making skills aren’t at their sharpest when you are drunk, but you really will regret going through such a big life moment whilst intoxicated. Not to mention that fact that you might not go through all of the right protection protocols if you or both of you are under the influence. Losing your virginity is one of those processes that is much better undertaken sober.



Being bored isn’t necessarily the best reason for having sex for the first time, it is much better to wait until you have a deeper emotional or romantic connection with the person. Sex isn’t the only thing that you can do to pass time; if you want to keep it sexual then there are plenty of self-exploratory and foreplay based activities to be getting on with first!

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