It Sounds Strange, but These Motherly Traits Will Help You Be a Better Girlfriend ...

You don't have to be an actual mother to possess maternal traits that'll help you in the dating world. While you shouldn't treat your boyfriend like a child, there are certain similarities between your relationship with him and a mother's relationship with her little boy. Sure, it sounds strange, but it's the truth. Here are a few motherly traits that will help you become a better girlfriend:

1. A Temperament like Gandhi's

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Whether you're a mother or a girlfriend, it's always a positive thing when you know how to handle extreme stress. It doesn't matter if your kid just fell and broke his arm, or if your boyfriend just started a ridiculous fight with you, because you need to be able to handle the situation without losing your cool. If you do, then things will only get worse.

2. As Crafty as Martha Stewart

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The best mothers are the ones who can create fun activities on rainy days. The best girlfriends are the ones who can make a date exciting, even if you've been together for years. In both situations, it helps to be creative, because it means you won't have any problem finding ways to spice up your boring routine.

3. The Flexibility of an Athlete

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When you're a mother, you'll have to drop everything when your baby begins to cry. When you're a girlfriend, you don't have to drop everything to run to your man's aid, but you should be flexible enough to rearrange your schedule to fit his schedule.

4. As Affectionate as a Puppy

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Until your child reaches the age where he hates his parents, you need to give him enough hugs and kisses to feel loved. When you're dating, you also need to give your man hugs and kisses. If you stop being affectionate, then he'll assume you've stopped loving him. Actions speak louder than words, you know.

5. As Responsible as Oprah

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When you're a mother, you need to be responsible enough to take your kid to school on time and to make sure he's fed and clothed. When you're a girlfriend, your man needs to know that you're responsible enough to take care of yourself and to avoid hanging out with any sketchy characters. If he can't trust your judgement, then he's always going to be worried about you cheating or getting lost somewhere. Either way, the worrying won't make him happy.

6. As Supportive as Ellen Degeneres

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When your couch potato child asks to join a soccer team, you have to be supportive of him, even if you know he'll fail miserably. Likewise, when your boyfriend tells you that he's applying for a certain job, you need to be supportive of him. He needs to know that you're there for him, no matter what.

7. As Nurturing as Mother Goose

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When you're a mother, you need to be able to feed your child and clean up after him. When you're in a relationship, you shouldn't constantly be in charge of the kitchen, but you should be capable of taking care of your boyfriend when he's sick and calming him down when he's had a rough day.

You don't have to have a baby in order to gain these motherly traits. Some people are just born with them! Do you possess any of these traits?

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