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Even if you've kissed your fair share of guys, there's a lot that you don't realize about swapping spit. There are facts about kissing you must know. It's amazing how little we know about something that we're so used to doing, or at least seeing, every single day. In order to expand your knowledge and give you something fitting to talk about on your next date, here are some jaw dropping facts about kissing:

1. Most People Tilt Their Head to the Right

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The next time that you kiss a cutie, pay attention to which way you tilt your head. About 65% of people tilt their heads to the right when they lean in for a smooch. If you realize you do the same, try switching it up by tilting your head to the left and see if the sensation feels any different. You never know, a tiny change in perspective could make a big impact.

The World Record Kiss Lasted Days


My first kiss was great
Dear Holly, do take a look at this link. There are a lot of dangers of one follows what is written in your article.
peony blue
I should be kissing more often...yippee
Sapna Pathak
Great article thanks
I know most of these
Haha how can they kiss for two days straight?
Way too casual nowadays
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