7 Jealous Habits Men Hate That Their Girlfriends Have ...

When you really love someone, it's hard to keep your jealousy under control. You don't want them to leave you or figure out that they're happier with someone else, so whenever he talks to another girl, you freak out. However, your actions may make him shy away from you. He'll hate feeling like you don't trust him, which is why you should avoid doing these jealous things that men hate:

1. Checking Their Cell

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If your boyfriend leaves his phone on the couch when he goes to the bathroom, do you grab it and read through his messages? If you do, then you obviously don't trust him. It's normal to ask him who he's texting when he's sitting next to you and even to try to take a peek at the screen, but you shouldn't feel the need to read through all of his texts and emails when he's not around. It means you don't trust him, and why would you want to be with someone you think would cheat?

2. Being a Boss

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Some men don't mind when you tell them what to wear and what to eat, but they draw the line when you try to tell them whom they can and cannot hang out with. If you always yell at him for associating with a certain girl, then he won't be happy. Yes, your anger is warranted if the woman is an ex or former crush, but if she is clearly just a friend, hold back your anger.

3. Constantly Calling

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It's nice to call up your boyfriend once or twice a day to chat. However, if you're calling him every hour in order to eavesdrop on the background noise, your relationship is in jeopardy. If you don't trust him to tell you where he is, you two aren't going to last.

4. Curious Questioning

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When he comes home from his friend's house, do you quiz him about what they did, because you don't believe they were actually together? It's fine to ask him questions out of curiosity, but you don't want to ask and ask until you find something you can yell at him for.

5. Intense Insecurity

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Whenever he looks at another girl, do you end up crying? It's normal for humans to look at other humans, even if they're in a relationship. Obviously, if he's doing something inappropriate, you have a right to speak up. But if he's just smiling at your waitress to be polite, don't ask him if he finds her prettier than you.

6. Throwing Things

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Some people throw things when they get angry. Others will slash tires and break windows. If you get violent whenever jealousy strikes, he won't want to be around you. Even if your anger is justified, try to keep things somewhat peaceful.

7. Awful Accusations

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If he's not cheating on you, he'll be upset when you accuse him of being unfaithful. One of the most important pieces of a relationship is trust, so if you show him that you don't believe that he's treating you right, he might end up leaving. Get your facts straight before you accuse him of something that drastic

If you really love and trust your boyfriend, you need to fight past your jealousy. If you don't, you could cause unnecessary drama. Do you get jealous easily or do those types of things never bother you?

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