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There's nothing like the feeling of being in love to make you feel like a kid again, so why not have that inspire you when thinking about fun activities to do with your boyfriend? If you're comfortable enough in your relationship to show off your silly and fun side, it can be a great way to bond! Plus it may even get you both swapping childhood memories, which can be a great way to learn more about each other. So instead of planning the typical dinner and a movie date, why not try these kid inspired activities to do with your boyfriend?!

1. Build a Fort

When it comes to kid inspired activities to do with your boyfriend, this idea is guaranteed to give you some snuggle time with your guy! Get together all of your pillows, blankets, and sheets to make a fort with, just like you did as a kid. If you want to make it even more romantic, try throwing around some Christmas twinkle lights! Then, you and your guy can hang out inside the fort with some snacks and a movie.

Plan a Laser Tag Date Night


Legos and coloring. Have yet to meet a man who wasn't down for either of those activities.
And this is why people have kids, so they can have an excuse! Great ideas! My hubby and I are film fanatics, so we always watch a little before bed. We used to climb together, which was loads of fun. ...
Amina Abdul
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I absolutely love these ideas. I'm going to try all if them. My boyfriend is a giant teddy bear who loves to have fun, play fight, and play Video games so I know he's going to love all of these awesome ideas 💜
My husband and I live in two different states, so I only get to see him every 2 months or so. So, we always make sure to play Playstation 3 multiplayer games together during our Skype dates :)
Soooo cute 😊
aww my boyfriend and i also play minecraft! it is super fun together. & i love the fort idea! thanks
Isabella Coles
I wanna build a fort! I wonder if my boyfriend would like that idea haha 😄
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