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7 Kissing Games to Play with Your Partner ...

By Holly

When you and your boyfriend are having a dull day, there are kissing games you can play. They aren't too provocative, so you shouldn't feel uncomfortable while playing them with your partner. The point is to have fun, so make sure that you're both in the mood for some sensual entertainment. Here are some of the best kissing games to play with your partner the next time you see him and can't wait to touch his lips:

1 Magic Words

One or both of you should come up with a magic word, like 'sweetie.' Don't tell your partner what the word is, because each time he uses it in a sentence, you'll give him a kiss. Keep the game going until he guesses what the magic word is. This is one of the kissing games that is incredibly fun to play, because you can do it all day.

2 Who Will Last Longer

Put some music on, face each other, and stare into each other's eyes. Now you have to see how long you can go without kissing the other person. Whoever initiates the kiss loses--of course, you're both actually winners, because you get to make-out with your honey.


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3 Kissing Cards

Cut a piece of paper into slips that you can write on. Each of you should scribble down a type of kiss, like a butterfly kiss, eskimo kiss, or a French kiss. Now put those slips of paper into a hat, close your eyes, and pick one. Whatever kiss you pick is the kiss you have to perform, so make sure you only write down your favorite ones.

4 Eyes Wide Open

This game is fun when you're playing it with the right person. Otherwise, it may come across as a little creepy. All you have to do is kiss your partner without closing your eyes like you would normally do. You might find it nice to stare into their gorgeous peepers while you lock lips, or you might burst out into laughter. Whoever can last the longest without pulling away is the winner.

5 Apples to Apples

Get an apple, or any other fruit that you enjoying eating. Now put it in your mouth and have your partner take a bite of it without using his hands. After he does so, he should have the fruit in his mouth for you to take a bite of. Once you get toward the core, you won't be able to take a bite without almost kissing.

6 Candy Kisses

Grab a bag of candies, like Jolly Ranchers, and eat a piece without letting your partner see which flavor you chose. Once you finish eating it, kiss him and see if he can guess which flavor you just ate. You could also kiss him while you're still eating and transfer the treat into his mouth, but be careful not to choke.

7 Listen to the Hearts

This one can get a bit sensual if you allow it. Each of you should use a pen (or chocolate sauce) to draw hearts on your own bodies. Once you finish, have your partner find the hearts and kiss you in each location that you chose.

Kissing is fun, whether you're playing a game or locking lips to say hello. Is your partner a good kisser?

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