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Knowing This Will Help You Understand Your Man Better ...

By Sici

The old saying is that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, and whilst I wouldn’t say that I believe in that particularly huge difference, there is absolutely no doubting that we are separate kinds of creatures who exhibit separate kinds of behaviour! One area in which men and women tend to differ is in the way that they express and reveal their emotions. The best way to understand your partner and make yourself available to him in his times of need is to be able to interpret his emotions in a helpful and productive way. Here are some ways that men deal with their feelings in different ways to women, knowing this will help you with how to understand your man better.

1 Changing Needs

Men basically have different emotional needs than most women. There is a sense that as the years have gone by and women have gained a more equal place in society, they don’t rely on their men as much anymore to provide for them and protect them. Your partner might not even realise this is something he thinks about, but there is definitely something in it.

2 They like Being Needed

Guys like to feel as though they are needed, even if the truth is that you are totally okay on your own! Just be aware of his need to feel needed, you can do this by doing things like expressing appreciation for his actions more often, or asking his advice or help for things that you might not have before.

3 Reliability

Men also like to feel in a position where women can count on them in tough times. This can sometimes mean that you have to do a little bit of ego boosting on his part so that he feels nice and confident in your partnership. For example, if he makes a small mistake, don’t get on his back about it.

4 Alone Time

Despite all these emotional needs to feel wanted and loved by their partner, men also need their fair share of alone time. It can be a hard balance to achieve! Don’t get angry with him when he retreats to his man cave to do something like play video games, that’s his way of taking an emotional timeout and recharge.

5 Independence

Guys can often have a really odd relationship with their own independence. They want a woman in their life to give them the romantic and intimate companionship they crave, but at the same time are always wary of being robbed of their perceived freedom. You can avoid this emotional turmoil by not being too clingy and possessive in your relationship. The freer he feels, the more loving he will probably be!

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