Is Your Man Marriage Material?

You have been dating a while, but you are just not sure if he is "the one." He’s handsome, charming, he checks every bucket on your list (oh wait what list?!?). Is your current man, the man of the hour or your man for life?

You don't want to make the wrong decision. Finding the man with whom you will share the rest of your life, can be quite challenging, but when seen, can be the greatest love story of your life. If you have a list, maybe ditch the list for these four solid qualities.

1. He is Trustworthy

Does your man let you be you? A confident and trusting man is a man that understands that you were individuals that enjoyed doing things apart before you came together. Your man will trust you, encourage family and friend time, in other words, he will not try to control you. He will reassure you how important it is to share a life together, through the good times and bad.