Last-Minute Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Guys Who Still Havent Bought Theirs ...

By Deeceebee

Last-Minute  Valentines Day  Gift  Ideas  for Guys Who Still  Havent Bought Theirs  ...

Are you looking for ideas for last minute Valentine's Day gifts for your girl?

Now look guys, it's 3 days to go to Valentine's Day and if you haven't yet bought your lady something special, it's time to panic. P A N I C. A measly bunch of flowers and box of overpriced chocolates grabbed in a rush from the local convenience store just ain't gonna cut it. There's nothing that says "I can't be bothered in making the extra effort just one day a year to prove how I feel about you" more than not being to give her a special day/gift on February 14th.

It doesn't have to be expensive or flashy. It just needs to be something that shows you put a little thought into it. Here's a bunch of ideas for last-minute Valentine's Day gifts. You might be able to place an order online if they promise next day delivery, but if not you should be able to find similar in your local mall.

1 Buxton Prepster Colorblock Wristlet

A bunch of cuteness for her necessaries on a night out
$15.60 at to

2 What I Love about You by Me Book

All you have to do is fill in the blanks.
$7 at

3 Heart Pendant

You can never go wrong with pretty jewelry
$60 at

4 Daybed Scented Candle

Soothing and aromatic with smells of roses and peonies
$36 at

5 Brush Crush Shimmer and Shine Set

What girl doesn't love super pretty makeup brushes?
$30 at

6 Cherry Bombe Cookbook

She'll find the way to your heart through your stomach

7 Love Tokens

More than just a token gift.
$20 at

8 Fitbit Flex 2

For the girl who cares about her health
$59.95 at

9 Heart Shaped Planter

Fill it with little plants and watch your love grow
$37 at

10 Kindle Reader

A great gift if she hasn't got one yet
$59.99 at

11 Shea Butter Hand Cream

May not sound romantic but the packaging is gorgeous.
$15-25 at

12 Polaroid Snap

Think of all the fun pics you can take
$85 at

13 Heart-shaped Pillow

Something to cuddle when you're not around
$49 at

14 Amazon Echo

A girl can always use a helping hand
$84.99 at

15 Fifty Shades Freed Pleasure Overload

A 10-day advent calendar of fun and pleasure.
$100.00 at

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